Tips for Freelancers

  1. The first and most important. Do not be lost !! Even if the clock is midnight, and some strange people are writing to you – answer them, you found the time to read the message. It will be enough to write – yes, okay, I’ll take a look tomorrow. And take a look. They can become regular excellent customers seeing that a person is trying to be in touch (but do not overdo it)
  2. Work well! If you can’t do something, don’t do crunches, write to the customer what you don’t know how to do, he will see that you are an adequate person and will give another job
  3. Do the work on time! If you do not have time – write, I do not have time, here is a discount for you. Do not be silent, do not call unrealistic terms
  4. Try to take difficult work, learn a lot. But warn that part will have to be mastered along the way, usually, the customer is ready for it
  5. Never! Do you hear me, never! Do not write template answers. It only says that the person did not even read what the customer required. You can see for yourself how many reviews these people have (and this is the most important measure in this market and your reputation) and what projects they carried out. Usually n0
  6. If you don’t like something, immediately give up this work, right now
  7. If you took a project for one amount, but something went wrong – do it at all costs, it happened that you had to spend three days for 200 UAH, the task was not as simple as you saw it. Do not ask for co-payments for this, just say that you underestimated yourself a little. The customer will appreciate it.
  8. Write competently, politely and restraints. If you do not know how – use the verification services. Nobody will scold for extra commas, but if you write that you are a professional, this project is unlikely to be yours. If the customer is excellent – the conversation will then switch to “you”
  9. Try to interest the customer with something, try to stand out from the crowd. No matter what.
  10. Never ask for a 100% prepayment or use a safe
  11. Again. Keep deadlines!
  12. Write honest customer reviews
  13. Do not be afraid of negative reviews. We are all humans. Of course, if the customer has 5 reviews that he did not pay for the work – for sure this is not the option
  14. Try to develop all the interesting skills smoothly and evenly, but select one that will be the best, and the rest are auxiliary
  15. Read and learn a lot. I advise
  16. Learn English is best Tips for Freelancers
  17. Don’t be afraid of difficulties
  18. Don’t work for food
  19. Plan your time
  20. Do not give out the phone number, they will call you in six months on the weekend that the site has fallen, and you only changed the logo there
  21. Be awesome!

These can be best Tips for Freelancers

This is basic, this is enough to be a good freelancer. The rest you will see in the process, it is interesting.

Tips for Freelancers and Customers 1

Tips for customers:

  • The first tip is the same. Do not disappear. Stay in touch, there are a lot of projects where everything seems to be clear and agreed on everything, but people throw access 2 days later on Saturday evening, and on Monday at 6 am writes – well, how is it? Everything is ready? 2 days already waiting!
  • Pay on time. Use a safe if you do not trust. If you really liked the work – pay a little, this will express your gratitude to the freelancer, he will be pleased.
  • Write honest reviews about the freelancers you worked with.
  • Express the essence of the project as accurately as possible, discard the statement of work or a clear explanation directly into the project.
  • If the edits are visual – take a screenshot, mark with arrows what you need. This way you protect yourself from misunderstandings.
  • Do not fool people.
  • Do not delay payment without good reason.
  • Do not take freelancers for slaves and/or schoolchildren, communicate politely.
  • Do not ask for additional changes that were not in the task, without payment
  • Have a conscience 😊.


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