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Magnificent 7 qualities for a freelancer


In recent years, the word “freelancer” has become very fashionable. Freelancer (English freelancer) – a free worker. The term freelancer was first used by Walter Scott in the novel “Ivanhoe” to describe the “medieval hired warrior”. Many beginning designers want to taste this “fruit” because they often hear that freelancers earn very well. These 7 qualities for a freelancer will help them

In general, freelance may seem like some kind of special, very seductive activity: you sit at home, in the country or in the park and do it while receiving money. No need to go to stuffy, and not really, offices, no need to listen to anyone’s interesting stories from colleagues … stories about their problems or “get-togethers”.

Therefore, if it so happened that you are a beginner designer and switched to the “bright side”, that is, you decide to seriously engage in this craft, read the continuation of the article. She focuses on the main criteria for freelance engagement and helps you achieve success in this field.

So what do we have? More precisely, what advantages do you have in front of others, the same entry-level designers? After all, the modern market is the MARKET first of all. If you want to sell your product, learn to “sell” yourself. You must possess many qualities that will distinguish you among your like.

You should have several, and better all the “magnificent seven” qualities for a freelancer

1. The desire to develop.
2. Perseverance.
3. The ability to conduct a dialogue.
4. The ability to convince.
5. The ability to learn new knowledge.
6. Stress resistance.
7. The ability to navigate in time and control it.

1. The desire to develop

This is perhaps one of the main criteria. If you have a desire to develop, not stand still, create and earn money – all other qualities will be developed, and development itself will be made easier because you will already be motivated. Where and what to study, everyone decides for himself. Someone works in some programs, someone in others. Fortunately, the market gives you a choice of tools to achieve your goals. How exactly to start your journey without spending time on empty work, dumping and not to be disappointed in your choice, I will tell in the following article: “The only right decision? Yes, it is! ”

desire to develop
Magnificent 7 qualities for a freelancer 1

2. Perseverance

To work as a designer, you sometimes have to spend a lot of time for training, improving previously acquired knowledge and skills. Also, many projects will take you really many hours in a day. Over time, your skills and pace of work will be much higher, which means that the time spent on the same job will decrease.

3. Dialogue skills

The ability to conduct a dialogue, the right dialogue – is given to everyone in different ways. Clients often do not understand what they want themselves, are not always aimed at a quick and accurate result, no matter how ridiculous it seems. 99.5% of customers are not designers, and are not related to design. They are clients, they are followers, you are leaders. You must be able to “identify” the customer and tune in to his “wave”. They should find out the maximum useful information for you on the project, because you work!

The more detailed the brief will be, or the customer’s answers to your questions will be received, the clearer and more understandable the task will be for you. As a result, you will not “pull” the customer once again, you will not unnerve him, and, with a positive end to the project, you will receive a positive response. And not only him – the positive completion of the transaction will play a crucial role in the future. In particular, for future orders from the same client. Or he can recommend you to his friends. References are the best advertising, which means new orders.

4. The ability to convince

There are times when the customer wants “like this.” But remember – you are a specialist, albeit a beginner, but a specialist! You know better why you need to do it differently. And this should be justified and put on shelves for the client. He must not only hear you but also understand. The position “the client pays money – the client receives what he wants” – is not true, except in rare cases. He orders a good product – your goal is to make it. To do it the right way, and not so that you would be ashamed of placing the work in your portfolio later.

ability to convince
Magnificent 7 qualities for a freelancer 2

5. Ability to master new knowledge

Any profession in the modern world implies continuous training. Time: “learned and before retirement” has passed. In order to be a “tidbit” in the labour market – you need to learn. To spare no time or money for this. Not everyone is given the same knowledge. If you have no problems with this, you are in luck. If you think that is not given from birth, convince nature of the opposite! The first thing you need to pay attention to is ATTENTION, not to be distracted during classes by other things. Turn off the Internet, phone and absorb, absorb knowledge!

6. Stress resistance

Yes, imagine, even remotely, customers will let you down under stress. Do not forget ABOUT ABILITY TO DIALOGUE. Ask yourself: Do I want to complete this project? Do I need money for this job? If the answer is “YES” in two questions, sort out yourself. Take it easy, take a little time out for an hour, drink a sedative in the end, and keep working.

qualities for a freelancer

7. The ability to navigate in time and control it

Time is the only resource that cannot be returned in any way. The correct allocation of time, prioritization – will play an important role for you.

navigate in time
Magnificent 7 qualities for a freelancer 3

After all, it happens that the client “disappeared”, and you do not wait for him, but take a new project. Then, when the first client appears, you already need to do 2-3 projects, and no one has cancelled one deadline time.

What to do? The main thing is to focus on results. This will not allow you to break the contract with the client. Sketch each project, submit for approval. Whoever answered first, work on the revisions and on the “finishing” of the design. Often, this approach to the pads saves. Remember, no matter how the customer behaves, your face is your “trademark”, your reputation. Take care of her!

qualities for a freelancer


Over time, you will develop your own rules and laws that will help you adjust the work for yourself, or yourself for the job. After all, there are no identical people, everyone has different working and living conditions, but these seven tips will help you begin your journey, the freelancer’s path. Although the article is aimed at designers, it is perfect for other specialists, as it affects the basic parameters of remote work.

qualities for a freelancer. If you are a beginner and still haven’t decided to “freelance or not freelance”, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with yet another material –  look for inspiration in another story.

Freelancing network is always available to help freelancers. If you have any question write comment below

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