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Inspiration for freelancers to summon Muse


Inspiration for freelancers

Many people who are far from inspiration for freelancers believe that it is for us free workers to never have to seek inspiration. Above us does not hang the oppression of the harsh boss, deadline and other “office troubles.” Like phoenixes, we are reborn every morning and begin to create in company with the muse.

In reality, the opposite is true. We, freelancers, have to make efforts so as not to fall into procrastination and begin to give out masterpieces. Lack of clear control, irregular schedules and various household chores often make it difficult to catch inspiration. That is why we are hunting him. How? Read on.

“Lie down and everything will pass”

This is a somewhat hackneyed phrase, but in the case of inspiration, it works one hundred per cent. It often happens that creative energy runs out due to banal fatigue. Well, your brain won’t work in genius mode if you don’t get enough sleep for a week and work for wear!

Therefore, in this case, the best way to return the muse is a good rest. After the first night of good sleep, make a promise in the morning that you will allow yourself to sleep well today, and even tomorrow. Add to this a cup of coffee brewed according to your favourite recipe, and inspiration will appear as if ordered by a magic wand.

Hot shower, vacuum cleaner and old thoughts

Sometimes it happens that “ideological garbage” that has remained in the head from past projects does not allow creative thinking. To cope with it will help, if not surprisingly, a hot shower. Well, or a bath, it’s a matter of taste. Water mystically flushes away all old thoughts, making room for new ideas. Shaped zeroing guaranteed.

To enhance the effect, before taking water procedures, you can do home cleaning. Thus, you switch and direct thoughts in a different direction. Physical activity also has a beneficial effect on the challenge of inspiration. This is how you walk around the room with a vacuum cleaner, take a hot bath, fall on the sofa, and then click in your head! And a creative idea is born.

Reading is the mother of learning

The main guarantee of finding inspiration is the presence of an impressive internal repository of images and impressions. It is best to replenish it in two ways – reading and travelling. Good books should never disappear from your shelves or electronic gadgets. Reading for any creative person is like air. Without information enrichment, it is unlikely to be able to create something brilliant.

Same thing with travel. Even a trip to the next street is already considered a mini-voyage. Sometimes in the gateway, you can see so much interesting that it’s enough to create a whole literary work. Do not lock in four walls! Inspiration awaits you outside!

Inspiration for freelancers
Inspiration for freelancers to summon Muse 1

Praise me, praise me!

This is my favourite source of inspiration. Well, honestly. I’m not even ashamed to admit that when they praise me, my muse grows literally a thousand times. By the way, some customers very skillfully use this method. You’ll write them the first text, and they’ll sprinkle you with compliments, they say, everything is just excellent and wonderful. Naturally, the following text flies out in one breath.

“Elena! You are super! ”,“ Amazing! ”,“ You play with words so much that it takes your breath away! ” Well, after this, inspiration does not come?

If you don’t come across such customers for a long time, use your pages on social networks. Expose your work there and are guaranteed to receive your share of praise. Why not use what really works?

Notebook, socket, two backgrounds

There are cases when a couple of days are left before the completion of the project, and interesting ideas have not even come to mind. Then the best way to bring back inspiration is to change the table. In the truest sense of the word.

Just grab your laptop and head to the nearest café or coffee shop with large display windows. Sit there comfortably at the table and start creating. At first, it will seem that after a quiet and comfortable apartment everything will annoy you. But very soon your brain abstracts and in unusual working conditions it will certainly give out something extraordinary. Most importantly, do not use local Wi-Fi, otherwise, you can make all kinds of troubles (request for IT specialists: please share in the comments what consequences could be).

Songs – “Even Crack”

As for music, as a source of inspiration, I have my own thoughts. Perhaps it’s convenient for website designers and creators to create their favourite songs, but I, a copywriter, can’t do this. Music only distracts and confuses me.

But I know another way to use it. I just turn on my favourite songs louder and enjoy their sound, singing along and dancing. At this time, I am making my bed, drinking coffee or making breakfast. But, when everything subsides, and I sit down at the laptop, my good mood fosters inspiration. It works quickly and efficiently.

The main thing here is to choose exactly inspirational compositions. For many, this is an unchanging classic. And I must admit, sometimes it really works. But much better are modern windup songs that can be danced well.
Yours, mine, stranger …

A great inspiration is works created with inspiration. Both ours and others. Therefore, often review your brilliant creations, remembering how you worked on them. This will help a carefully assembled portfolio.

As for the work of others, it is better if they come from a different sphere. If you are a copywriter, then head to the art gallery or some art museum. Those who draw, it is better to read a talented author. Etc…

Why can not you look at other people’s creations in your profile? Yes, because involuntarily you have a feeling of envy, comparison, or even worse than your own self-esteem. This is confirmed by psychologists and psychotherapists. I do not recommend checking. The subconscious is a subtle thing.


Naturally, this list is not complete, and I will gladly read your ways of finding inspiration, which you will leave in the comments. The main thing is not to go too far in creative hunting and not to use prohibited weapons. To him, I attribute alcohol and plagiarism. The first one, although it works the first time, will eventually lead to nowhere. You may not drink talent, but life itself will be significantly spoiled.

In the second case, there is nothing to say. One plagiarism can forever cross out their creative activities.

So use safe ways to find inspiration. And the muse will help you!

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