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How to become a Pro Graphic designer in Freelancing?


Journey Being a Graphic Designer Freelancer is not to easy. In the world of colours, there are many things that everyone should keep in mind while working. There are some rules and regulation that can make a beginner Graphic designer a Pro one.

Motivation in Graphic Designing

According to my experience, everyone should have a Motivational personality in their field that they should follow them to enhance their knowledge like in Graphic Designing field Imran Ali Dina is big Motivation for all Graphic Designers. He is a Youtuber and teaches Graphic designing on his Youtube channel “GFX Mentor”. There are so many other big names in Graphic Designing that we can follow to become Pro. Some best Youtube channels are GFX Mentor, PIXIMPERFECT, PHLearn, Spoon Graphics, Will Paterson, Every Tuesday, Pixologic ZBrush, Asm Arif, Flow Graphics, Rajeev Mehta, DesignCourse, Dansky

Imagination and Graphics Editor selection

First of all, before properly Learning Graphic Designing set your Mind what actually you are going to do in this like your main target is to learn Logo making, Printing, banner designing or all of these. Another thing you have to choose is Editing softwares that you will choose like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator etc. By keeping in mind these points choose also your learning platform as According to my knowledge if I have to choose Adobe illustrator as editing software then I will Learn from GFX Mentor channel.

Review of already available material

Knowledge has no end so We should always be ready to learn something new. Increase your visual memory by reviewing different logos, banner, packaging and cards available on the internet. You can generate ideas from them and will know how you can do that also and offer in Freelancing Market

Practice during Learning For Graphic Designer

While learning Graphic design always do practice that work. Learning by keeping in mind you have to do this same for a client in future. B positive during learning from any source.

Participation in contests 

Entering directly into Freelancing platform is not easy as Clients will always you to show a portfolio so they can judge you are the right person for them. To reach this level you should participate in a competition like a logo making, banner design etc that are offered also on different Freelancing market place like Freelancer,truelancer. If you are able to win that competition then your portfolio will automatically set. Also, try to grab clients outside of the freelancing market. 

By winning competition You will earn money and portfolio and chance to win more projects in future.

Portfolio page creation

One of the key things a Graphic designer should do is to create a Portfolio page free of cost. For this purpose, Facebook is the best option. Create a Facebook page relating to your work and upload work sample theirs.  While bidding on Freelancing websites like Upwork, Fiverr, PPH, GURU, Freelancer you can show client this page as a portfolio. When the client will see your chance of hiring will increase.

Other platforms for portfolio creation are LinkedIn, Instagram etc.

Bidding on Freelance Projects

After grabbing all above things Graphic designers should start bidding officially on Project showing at Freelancing websites. If Designers have a good portfolio then they can grab more projects at a good price. Send proposal according to project requirement so clients can understand you are the right Graphic designer for them. You should also know how to write a job-winning proposal.

I Hope so this article will help you in becoming a Pro Graphic designer.  Suggestions are always welcome

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