When Freelancers leave the office world and choose freelance, life changes. The euphoria of freedom gives way to concerns: how to manage to earn, sleep, relax? A pragmatic freelancer sets the bar. Achieving the goal depends on professional qualities, perseverance and the ability to organize life in the first six months. In free flight, there are pros and cons.

How to enhance the benefits and eliminate interference? Let’s try to find a life formula where there is time for dear people, full work and good sleep.

How to distribute time

Engage in time management, which helps to understand how long it takes to:

  • wake up and take a morning shower;
  • prepare breakfast, assemble in a kindergarten, a school of children, carry on work spouse;
  • do morning warm-up, do meditation or drink the first cup of coffee and smoke a cigarette;
  • reply to an email, read messages in instant messengers;
  • Write posts about the meaning of life;
  • submit tenders and discuss projects with customers;
  • fulfil planned and urgent orders (for the second, leave a temporary reserve);
  • to do homework with a schoolboy, take the child to a circle, play with the baby, put him to bed in the evening;
  • pay attention to the second half.

And freelancers have breakfast, lunch, dinner. Walking with a dog, stroking a cat, watering flowers … Cooking, washing dishes, cleaning, washing and hanging clothes. Do not get distracted for a long time when you work. Homework is an endless process.

How can Freelancers manage Time and organize Work?
How can Freelancers manage Their Time and organize Work? 1

The deadline expires at a clearly scheduled time. Delirium and haste lead to mistakes, prevent focus and fulfil the order at the usual level. After the “night shift” there is not enough strength to check. Due to overwork, children’s mistakes creep in.

How to find time for family

Yesterday’s office workers choose freelance to spend more time with family. But often a promising copywriter or a talented developer turns into an overwhelmed housewife. Projects are burning, a favorite child is hanging on his neck. The elder achs that he cannot solve the math. The husband requires a fresh dinner, and not yesterday’s cutlets …

You have a working day. For example, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. with a one-hour break for a child’s trip to school and lunch.

Dinners, lessons, joint games after 19.00. Or from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., if you are an “owl” and work at night, and the geography of customers is the Western Hemisphere.

Teach your family not to notice you. Create an inviolable space. Draw a circle or fence around the workplace. Get a comfortable corner. Explain to the children that mom (dad) is working and playing, will help with the lessons, but later.

Mom is not on maternity leave

If desired, even the mothers of infants build a schedule. Fulfil orders while the baby sleeps during the day. Sent for a walk with grandparents. With dad, if the spouse has a day off, or he is also a freelancer. For such a luxury, a child should have a regime, and the task of parents is to create a convenient schedule and distribute household chores.

We are surrounded by dozens of helpers – household and kitchen appliances, diapers, motion sick centres, playpens. Use them to the full: you are a mother who has not gone on maternity leave.

Working mom or caring dad with a workplace in the next room. Sometimes in coworking, if at home they did not understand that you need space and time. Some freelancers rent an office so that no one bothers.

How do freelancers relax

It is believed that freelancers do not rest. Moreover, they do not rely on weekends – they get less tired from working at home. I know colleagues who work every day, sleep 4-5 hours and rarely get out to meet friends.

Appear in the image of a vampire. A pale face that lacks sunlight and fresh air. Red sore eyes with swollen eyelids. A pack of cigarettes over the evening, a bucket of coffee, talk about orders, fatigue, and “when it ends.”

Never, if you do not learn to relax. Have at least one day off per week. Forget about email, instant messengers. Turn off notifications on the smartphone, shove the laptop into the far corner. Get enough sleep or get up early, do your favorite thing.

Pay attention to the family, get out for a walk. Go to the cinema or the theatre, for a soccer match or gatherings with friends. Overload the brain, be distracted, enjoy. Let all the customers in the world wait. They are also resting. Think about it.

Sometimes Sunday comes on Wednesday. Shifts on Monday. But it comes within a week.

How to build a new life

Opportunities opened up gradually and brought out the formula for an ideal working day:

  • Exercise in the morning and meditation. After an intensive half-hour warm-up, I dedicate 20 minutes to set up for the day. Creativity and writing speed increase.
  • Breakfast based on long carbohydrates and coffee. “Hooked” on proper nutrition, and porridge energizes. Under the morning coffee, I sort the mail, look through the tenders.
  • Using the technique of “5 tasks”. I am writing 5 tasks per day on a piece of paper, and before going to bed I cross off points and tear into small pieces. Became more executive – it’s nice to let go of the crossed-out the day.
  • Formula 45/15. Three-quarters of an hour of continuous operation, 15 minutes outside the laptop. Enough time to wash the dishes, lay the wash, wipe the dust, make tea.
  • One hour break. I taught myself to dine “humanly”. I open social networks, respond to comments. I write to the FB when the mood and inspiration come. I can distract from work if thought requires immediate birth.
  • Evening walk or 40-60 minutes of sport. I alternate 10 thousand steps and training during the week.

The financial result is consistent with the effort. I am constantly moving forward – I’m launching a personal website, I have prepared TK for a personal blog. I came to Freelancehunt and get settled here.

For 2 years in freelance I realized that this is the best career available to a PR manager and journalist. I have never received an offer that would encourage us to abandon organized freedom and return to the labyrinth of office corridors.

How can Freelancers manage Time and organize Work?
How can Freelancers manage Their Time and organize Work? 2


The author does not insist that his methodology is the only true one, but we hope that Freelancers can learn a lot for themselves. By the way, freelancers who have achieved success can not do without goals and the proper organization of time. What do you think about this?


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