We usually notice some freelancers get more jobs/Projects than even an expert one. They always have good feedback. There are some rules to move forward in Freelancing Market. Today I will share my own experience to help freelancers so that they can get more jobs.

I have been working on different Freelancing websites from more than 1 year. I have a very good experience during this period and notice many things that we should keep in mind while working on freelancing sites.

Below are some important points that everyone should follow to enhance their chances of success.


The Very most first thing is Profile setup. Before putting your services on these market places your profile should have a professional look and fill it correctly. Give maximum information so the clients can understand you better and your chance of selection will increase.

In a good profile making process pay attention to these things

  • Quality photos
  • Give all social media account links that are required there
  • Give a summary of your skill/work 
  • Fill information correctly


Building a portfolio should be treated as you are making a dream home. By seeing that everyone should wish similar work for their self. The portfolio reflects your previous experience and client understand Freelancer have good knowledge of skill he/she is giving. For making a good portfolio improve these things

  • Add good work and describe that project
  • Add proper proof of that work so the client can verify it actually done by you. You can add links

How can Newcomers build their portfolios

We normally see some freelancer offer free services to build their portfolio. According to my experience that is not a good practice for a professional. A newcomer should participate in the competition and win that for making a portfolio in a positive way. Many freelancing sites like Freelancer, truelancer etc  have competition option where newcomer apply their service, If they will put good work there they will win their portfolio will automatically build in a good way and also they will be rewarded after winning the competition

3. Sending proposal to client projects

After making a good profile and portfolio most important is how freelancer understands client project and send him a proposal to complete their projects.

A customer comes on freelancing sites to find their problem solution. If no one listens to them carefully they simply ignore that freelancer and move to another. 

When a client post a project Freelancer should read completely and send proposal only if they can tackle that project. After understanding project freelancer should send an effective proposal to a client project.

To write an effective proposal visit


When a project completed successfully try to get feedback on your completed task as it will help freelancers to get next job more easily when other clients see freelancer profiles and they understand his/her quality work by reading previous client feedback


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