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Freelancing good and bad aspects


There are many good and bad aspects of every field and freelancing also comes with this situation

Good Aspects

  • Truly free schedule. To go somewhere or go somewhere – you do not need to ask the boss. Or simply not possible when you are in a hurry.
  • You choose with whom you and when to work.
  • Payment. This is a separate issue, in short, it is growing every minute. You either do more complex things or simpler only faster. You don’t need to go to the authorities, humiliate yourself and explain that if the dollar has grown 2 times – you need to raise your salary by at least 500 UAH. And that is not a fact that they will raise.
  • Mood. It does not depend on the mood of your boss in the morning.
  • Road. No need to go to work. Even if it is 2 hours a day, an hour there and an hour back, a year it turns out approximately 2 20 working days 12 months – 480 hours! This is 20 days a year you sit in a stuffy minibus or driving just to get to work.
  • You can sleep as much as you like.
  • No need to wear a suit every morning.
  • When there is a storm outside the window, it’s fun to watch people with umbrellas running through the puddles and drink a cup of freshly brewed coffee.
  • You eat anything and anytime, not just food from establishments that are 5 minutes walk from your work because you do not have time to return from lunch.
  • Rest when tired, not when 13.00
  • Do not communicate with idiots and do not spoil yourself the same mood.
  • Freedom from corporate troubles.
  • New tasks and adventures every day.
  • Brains do not soar here because of a 10-minute delay and are not fined for many breaks.
  • You make yourself a workplace as you like.
  • You can really make a million! Everything depends only on you!

Bad Aspects😞

  • Lack of corporate goodies like vacation, sick leave, bonuses, etc.
  • Lack of stability in payment.
  • Lack of live communication.
  • The need to motivate yourself, to make your work, well, how can you sit down and rivet the little ones when you have lunch on your watch and you have cold English beer in your refrigerator. It took me about a year and a half.
  • A big risk of not getting paid for work – use the Safe!
  • You really have to work 😊.
  • There are bad customers. Not scammers, but who can’t explain, and then make demands about what they didn’t agree on.
  • There are scammers.
  • We need to constantly look for orders.
  • Be a human orchestra. You are a manager, and technical support, and that kid who sits all the time at the computer with a smart look, and an accountant.
  • No experience with colleagues. Honestly, I tried to find a colleague, because it’s cool, you can do a lot of work together. The first times it’s cool, and then the illnesses of all freelancers begin, the cat fell ill, turned off the Internet and the like.
  • It’s hard to get started.
  • If you work at home – be prepared that everyone will constantly need something from you.

It seems that working in the office or somewhere else is boring. Sometimes it’s so, but I think that it is necessary to work somewhere in a serious organization or a few five to ten years. It great develops a bunch of skills – responsibility, communication, the ability to act in various conditions, including critical ones. For example, in my resume, I have the experience of raising a bank from 0 to a working state on Saturday and Sunday. On freelance, such a project is clearly not getting.

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