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life of a freelancer is not only a free schedule without a strict boss and dull office walls. Often this is also a whole bunch of health problems that inevitably arise with constant sitting at the computer and lack of proper rest

Freelance work begins with organizing a workplace that should be comfortable and ergonomic. There are some simple rules on how to arrange the space around you with health benefits.

  • Do not save on yourself and choose a comfortable orthopaedic chair, because you will spend all your working time in it. Sitting on a stool is not only undesirable, but also dangerous, because in this case there will be no back support, and very soon you will feel tired and uncomfortable.
  • It will be very inconvenient for you to work at a narrow table, but on a wide one everything you need will fit perfectly – including a large monitor, which should be located at eye level and at arm’s length.
  • The light must evenly illuminate the workspace without falling directly on the monitor, otherwise, you will have to constantly strain your eyes. When working in the dark, it is also important to keep adequate light levels and monitor brightness settings correctly. In no case should you work in complete darkness?
  • Do not forget to ventilate the room, otherwise, without access to oxygen, your brain will refuse to help you. For the same purpose, purchase unpretentious indoor plants that are easy to care for, for example, dracaena, chlorophytum, sansevieria, spathiphyllum, monstera

Take care of your back

The back is one of the most vulnerable areas of a freelancer. Prolonged motionless sitting at the table and improper posture lead to spinal problems. A correct seating position is not when your left arm is near your face all the time and your back is bent. This is when the back and neck are straightened, the elbows lie flat on the table, and the legs rest on the floor.

What about immobility? Of course, dilute your workday with short exercise breaks. So you will not only remove the accumulated fatigue, but also fill with energy for a new throw. And if you are really too lazy to do the exercises, you can just go outside and walk for half an hour, while changing the pace of walking from slow to fast and vice versa. Those who are not at all lazy can take note of a few simple exercises.

  • Perform normal side bends. Feet shoulder-width apart, one arm is at the waist, the other is pulled down strongly during the bend. Do 3 sets of 10 times on each side.
  • Make the bar in a minute or two. Alternate between the basic version on straight arms or bent forearms, a reverse plank with an emphasis on the wall.
  • Stretching the spine gives a good relaxing effect. Lie on the floor, bend your knees and pull up to your chest. Now wrap your hands around your left knee and squeeze as hard as possible, and slowly lower and straighten your right leg. Lock in this position for 30 seconds, then switch legs. Do it at least 10 times.

Focus on the eyes

Eyes are not only a mirror of the soul, but also the most important tool of a freelancer, so you need to take care of them first of all. Sitting at a computer for many hours, frequent lack of sleep, and improper lighting quickly lead to reduced vision. What can be done to relieve eye strain.

  • Blink your eyes quickly for 2 minutes without straining or squeezing your eyelids.
  • Close your eyes tightly for 5 seconds and then open them for 5 seconds. Do it 10 times. This will improve blood circulation and strengthen the eyelid muscles.
  • Make circular movements with your eyes, first clockwise and then counterclockwise. Focus on the surrounding objects during the exercise, this will help to strengthen the muscles.
  • Glue a small picture or piece of coloured paper to the window. Look closely at it for 5 seconds, and then move your gaze to any distant object outside the window, also for 5 seconds. This exercise relieves fatigue well and is the prevention of myopia.

How to make friends with a freelancer and proper nutrition and health

Irregular meals, snacks, fast food, semi-finished products, litres of coffee – all this does not have the best effect on the digestive system. Yes, and extra pounds from sedentary work run up completely unnoticed. But there are ways to prevent such a development of events.

  • Find the strength to give up junk food. Fortunately, there are so many kitchen gadgets invented now that making homemade food has become a pleasure. For example, a multicooker miracle helper, which fries, and boils, and stews, and bakes, and cooks for a couple. I threw groceries into it, closed the lid and sat down to do your freelance.
  • Straighten your work schedule. Stop eating at night and eating lunch in the late afternoon. Take food at least 3 times a day, and these should be full meals, not snacks. Breakfast should be the most energetically powerful, as it energizes the body for the whole day.
  • A freelancer’s diet should be balanced. To get started, try replacing sandwiches with fruits and vegetables, and coffee with compote or juice. Reduce the number of fast carbs that contribute to weight gain.

Why is the mouse dangerous for health?

No, no, not a grey mouse, but a computer mouse can be dangerous for a freelancer. The wrist suffers greatly from the constant squeezing of the mouse. Incorrect hand position can lead to acute pain in the joints and numbness of the fingers, and over time, result in a more dangerous and unpleasant tunnel syndrome. How can you avoid this?

  • Use a low-profile mouse to work with to reduce wrist flex and keep your arm more level.
  • Purchase a pad with a gel pad that straightens your arm and relieves stress on the joint.
  • To relax your muscles, make a fist and unclench, tense and straighten your fingers as much as possible. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
  • Rotate your fists to one side and the other 10 times.
  • Put your hands together and align your fingers. Then gently bend your fingers downward while lifting your wrists up. Repeat 10-15 times.

We monitor psychological health

Unavoidable stress, heavy workload, irregular work schedule, lack of sleep often become constant companions of a freelancer. Burnout and serious health problems are very easy at this pace. Using our advice, you will strengthen not only your body but also your spirit.

  • If you are not Napoleon, who slept 4 hours a day and felt great at the same time (and you are definitely not him), you should not abuse systematic work at night. Due to constant overload, the body will sooner or later fail and respond not only to psychological problems, but also to a decrease in immunity, and general weakness.
  • Don’t forget to take regular rest and change activities. Travelling, communicating with loved ones, hobbies, interests outside of work will help you avoid stress and recharge your batteries. Remember that your performance directly depends on your mood.
  • Take short breaks throughout the day. Take a break from work every 2-3 hours to exercise, get some fresh air, or just lie on the couch without looking at the monitor.

It’s easy to be healthy!

As you can see, keeping track of your health is pretty easy. The main thing is to do it regularly and consciously. Choose from our recommendations and see how you gradually develop healthy habits. Make the right lifestyle a priority for you. After all, when a person is healthy, any grandiose plans are within his power. Therefore, be always healthy!

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