Customer relationship Quarantine turned many people’s lives upside down. Naturally, the global pandemic is not a joke to you. But now it’s not about how bad everything is (there are news sites for this). I want to touch on the topic of experience, and specifically – what lessons did quarantine give me as a freelancer. I hope they will be useful to you.

1. Customers are our everything

Maxim Batyrev says the case, describing what should be the attitude towards customers and typing the word “Client” with a capital “K”. In short, customers need to be valued and everyone should be turned into a permanent one. Our income depends on them, and therefore the standard of living itself.

The global pandemic only confirmed the validity of these words. It turned out to be quite difficult to find new customers, but the old ones helped out quite well. Many even ordered more, because after leaving quarantine they want to be the first (for which many thanks to them). However, some did not apply at all. I lost people who periodically ordered 1-2 articles. These are small losses, but if you have 70-80% of such customers, then income will decrease by the same amount. Therefore, it is necessary that the client was not only regular but also ordered a range of services.

How can this be done.

  • Always offer more. For example, when I write content plans, I say that I can conduct a CA analysis, come up with ideas for stories. If I write texts for categories, then I propose the idea – to start a blog or develop in social networks. It is important that the additional proposal is appropriate. If a person implements solar panels, then on Instagram he is unlikely to find customers. It is pointless to offer such a client a page.
  • Take on only an interesting job, then you will have a desire to cooperate with a client on an ongoing basis. In addition, uninteresting tasks are difficult to perform at a high level. So you can get negative reviews.
  • Analyze the identity of the customer. Some customers simply cannot order a lot or pay you worthy. This, for example, greedy people or the same students who place orders in the style of “TV-rozdum on the topic …”.
  • Do a little more than what is required in the task: do not just write posts, but also design them in Text4InstaBot, after submitting the article, suggest a few more ideas for subsequent publications. Do not skimp on good advice if you are asked about them.

Well, it’s clear that you need to try to do your job at a high level. It is just a must have.

2. Promote yourself as a specialist for Customer

How many books have been written about this! Promote yourself as an expert, share your experience and knowledge, be everywhere and … Nodded, and then forgotten. Most freelancers do not have a personal blog, they do not attend thematic events, do not try to become famous at least within their city. And completely in vain. With some envy, I watched how advanced professionals advertise themselves and their brand using their blog. This is just gorgeous. You have a warm audience, knowledge and experience. It remains only to turn it all into money. Better than just an exchange profile.

I learned this lesson, and let it hop on the train of influencers on the go, but I turned my personal blog into a professional one. Monthly results: some people bookmark articles, 1 person sent his texts with a request to see. A trifle, but nice. The flow of customers is still far away, but at least someone is interested in me as a specialist. Also, I lead an active social life: I know many leading experts in my city, attend various events and interact with many pros on social networks.

3. One customer search channel is not enough

Despite the fact that approximately 40-50 new vacancies appear on our service every day, this is not enough. Some of them will not suit you because of payment or conditions, you will not suit someone as a specialist, and as a result, it is not a fact that you can find customers. But if you connect social networks, other freelance sites, friends and acquaintances, then you definitely won’t have to sit without work.

What is my search strategy?

  • Every day, check all the sites I know for new vacancies (freelance exchanges, thematic communities on Facebook and Instagram);
  • Follow people in related professions on social networks. Targetologists and SMM specialists often seek copywriters for their clients by posting vacancies on their page. With the same success, you can follow other specialists in related niches.
  • I keep my blog so that all my friends and acquaintances know what I do. I believe that with the help of the page I can attract new customers.
  • In terms of still finish the site on Tilda. I just had to figure out how to group all the blocks in a human menu in a human way.

4. It is not necessary to reduce the cost of services

You can search and find a person who is ready to pay you according to your price list. It’s more difficult to find such customers, but you can still. Moreover, given the fact that the price reduction will cost you more than the customer to pay the full cost of the service.

A large company or even a person who has the resources to develop an online store under quarantine will not feel the savings of 500 UAH. And you can feel it by giving a generous discount several times in a row. Therefore, it is better to refuse the strategy “I work at a low rate”. You can offer some small service as a bonus if you want to attract a client.

5. Need to think ahead

The quarantine will someday end, and we will deal with the consequences of the crisis. You just need to be prepared for this. Already, focus on long-term projects, gain new skills, monitor the situation in your city. When and where will it be possible to attend thematic events? What recommendations do industry leaders give? What skills will be the most in-demand?

The period of self-isolation can be used to prepare for new conditions on all fronts. Personal life, professional growth, self-development, health – all areas are equally important. And you need to think about maintaining each now.


Everything passes. It will pass. Many of you have survived more than one crisis, and this will survive. And if you, like me, consciously live the first crisis – do not worry. He who wants to find work will always find it. The main thing is not to lose heart and persistently continue to look for new customers, gaining experience and knowledge.

Good Customer are gifts


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