Freelancer’s mistakes It is always difficult to start a path in the field of freelance, especially since mistakes cannot be avoided. As a result, clients and projects are lost … But if you draw conclusions after failures, victories inevitably appear. What prevents each freelancer from receiving first orders and “acquiring regular customers”?

1. Failure to realize that you are a freelancer

There is no longer “uncle” who is responsible for you, now there is only YOU. It is very difficult to change the paradigm of thinking that has been created over generations, the paradigm that raised invisible barriers, but now it is the 21st century and everything is different.

freelancer's mistakes

Now it’s much easier to start working for yourself than ever, it’s good and at the same time – not very. The main problem and complexity is the change of thinking from a person who is told what to do to a person who takes and is responsible for his decisions.

There is no single answer to this question. It is necessary to take and do projects, make mistakes, take and do again, not forgetting, of course, about the conclusions. If you do not take this barrier, it will not be possible to become a good freelancer and specialist.

2. Inability to communicate with customers

A very common problem not only of “newcomers”, but also experienced freelancers! This is where the difficulties begin:

  • difficult to understand the requirements;
  • it is impossible to convey your thought;
  • how to convince a client;
  • inability to resolve a controversial situation and much more.

Partly good books and experience, and, as much as possible, communication experience, will help to solve this problem. It is best to communicate over the phone or in voice over skype than in writing. And, as one good friend of mine said: “You need to send at least one inadequate customer in order to feel more confident.”

3. Lack of proper packaging is a big freelancer’s mistakes

As they say: “They are greeted by clothes, escorted by the mind.” So on the freelance, your offer is often answered after viewing your profile, where the potential customer evaluates:

freelancer's mistakes
  • your photo;
  • profile statistics;
  • what skills do you have and whether they fit the task;
  • specialization rating and your overall rating in the freelancer’s table;
  • whether you are a verified user or not;
  • portfolio;
  • reviews.

By the way, reviews are what distinguishes you from 80% of freelancers on the service. It also shows the value of those projects that you have completed. It is very important that you only have positive feedback. But, as my practice shows, one negative review is not a sentence for the account.

It is necessary that your account is “combed” and look beautiful – this is a big component of your success on freelance.

4. Template calls

The way you respond to applications and determines whether you will take the project or not! If you create a customer profile and publish a task, a small one, design of something, you will immediately see how a barrage of templates will fall on you:

  • “I am ready to take on your project!”
  • “I’ll do it inexpensively, quickly and efficiently.”
  • “I have a large portfolio, I do everything better than anyone else” and so on.

Already 10-20 treatment will tire you and begin to annoy, and you will feel how important it is to publish an individual rate.

And imagine what will happen if you offer something interesting to the customer, do something extra for him. For example, I sometimes make prototypes or analyze a customer’s resource, showing what’s wrong with him and how he can earn money right away. It captivates and disposes.

Before you receive, you must give, and before you settle in the house, you need to build it.

Write the basis of your appeal, such a mini-commercial offer, and adapt it correctly for each client. It is better to send such offers less, but there will be much more responses.

5. Overdue tasks

Failure to meet deadlines has been and will always be a big problem in the service sector. This happens for a huge number of reasons. So customers and partners are lost, and there is nothing better than working on an ongoing basis with the same customers and not wasting time looking for new ones!

freelancer's mistakes

To control myself and projects, I use:

  • Trello (kanban board, many already know about this service; by the way, there is an extension in chrome for Trello).
  • Toggle (timer for recording working hours).
  • Gantt chart (to see the sequence of tasks and better plan the implementation of the project (s).

The main thing is planning, devote up to 30% of the project’s time to it (it depends on the scale), do not rush to do anything without a clear plan A and plan B.

If you want to manage your time properly see

6. Poor work is big freelancer’s mistakes

This is probably the greatest gift of freelance to those who can work well and give excellent results. Very often, clients return to me who have made a website for 1000 hryvnias and are ready for anything, if only they would redo it and not torment them anymore …

And here I see a terrible sin and it consists of the incompetence of freelancers, inexperience and disregard for projects.

Those who do this – go ahead!

7. Freelancer without a portfolio

When you start working or sit on freelance for a long time, there is always an acute question about the portfolio. And recently, customers are increasingly asking about your relevant experience.

And as always, you need to understand where to get this portfolio?
The easiest way that freelancers go is to start making sites for 1000 hryvnias, and then the problems begin … You run out of money, because the project may take a while, the customer is not happy with your work, you cannot end up putting a high-quality result in your portfolio. The whole problem is that for 1000 hryvnias they want a project whose cost is more than 400 dollars. (An example from real life is the creation of a business card website).

As one of the ways out of this situation is to call all your friends and offer their services, ask them to find out from their friends if they need your services. Further, performing commercial projects, you gradually create a portfolio for any brand in the local market, some factory, restaurant, etc.

Make, for example, one project just for yourself, the second for friends, but do everything at the highest level is a freelancer’s mistakes! As a result, you already have 2 projects in a short period of time. Continue until you create at least 7 projects in different business areas.

This is all that I wanted to share today, but you can continue for a very long time, there are far from 7 errors! But let’s discuss – what mistakes and problems did you notice at the beginning of freelancer activity? Write in the comments about your experience, we will help you become better each other!

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