5 Lifehacks To Win Order/Project Did you notice that some freelancers win order more often than others? They always have work and good reviews. And all because there are certain rules that you will be able to break forward. Today I want to share lifehacks that will help you gain a competitive edge over other freelancers.

I have been working at different Freelancing sites for 2 years and during this time I have had extensive experience in freelancing. It was Upwork that became the first service in my freelance career, for which I thank him.

5 Important points

5 Lifehacks To Win Order/Project

1. Your profile for winning order

First of all, when you get to the service, you need to fill out your profile correctly. And the more information you provide, the more you will get an initial rating on the service. Customers also need to see who you are, not choose a cat in the bag (by the way, some freelancers also have a cat in the profile photo), so pay maximum attention to your profile.

  • Take quality photos;
  • fill in all the data on the service;
  • add all soc. network;
  • write a detailed summary of you and the terms of the collaboration.

2. Portfolio

A very important point is a quality portfolio. This should be treated as if you were building a dream home. Very often freelancers will throw in a few jobs and when they do not win the project – they say that freelance is not working, I tried, and I did not succeed, etc. If you have badly worked on the portfolio, then it’s time to think about how to improve it.

  • Add better work and describe the project;
  • stick to one style;
  • add links to other resources, if available;
  • no work? Newcomer? Participate in competitions and study.

At the beginning of my career, I invented a customer and created an imaginary project for him. So a new portfolio has emerged. There is another option: do branding for yourself and become your first customer.

3. Proper filing for projects

Now more on to moneymaking action. Your profile looks good, your portfolio is full – start bidding on a project. First, we read what the customer wrote, and then we bid, and in no case the opposite.

Customers are looking for a solution to a problem that they cannot solve on their own, and they need to help. Read well into the text, understand what you need, and then the brain will understand if you can complete the project. Now write the text. Contact the customer, write down what you can do to help resolve the issue, and if possible, tell us how.

Do not “copy” the texts, because it is very noticeable, and I believe that it is disrespectful to the client. You are chosen not for your profile and portfolio (these are just additional factors), but for your approach to business. And submitting to a project is a crucial point for a freelancer to win an order.

An example of the text I use:

I will help you with the development of the logo and corporate identity for (project name), as well as be able to choose a printing company.

Take a look at a portfolio where you can see my work.

(Work references)

Fayaz Hussain

4. Feed rate

Important point: keep track of and submit to the project. It will also increase your chance of being noticed. But if the project is interesting – boldly go. Sometimes, the customers are very detailed about the choice of the candidate and choose among a large number of contractors. One of them must be you.

5. Correspondence with the client

If you have chosen a profession as a freelancer, you need to learn business writing. Here are some rules to help:

  • do everything on time. If you do not have time to finish the project, write to the customer and warn in advance. Deadlines will show that you are a person you cannot rely on;
  • be kind and kind. Have a good day, ask about things.
  • don’t answer “ok”. There are an infinite number of other variations of this confirmation (Okay, okay, I’ll do it, etc.);
  • learn to write in English correctly. The work of a freelancer in many cases consists of correspondence, so show your professionalism. Do not use slang words.

These are techniques from my personal life and experience. I hope this article helps you win more projects. I wish you good luck and good customers.

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Hopefully 5 Lifehacks To Win Order/Project will help you

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